Vintage porn 80s : “Diamond Collection 27”

Name: Diamond Collection 27

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 105 min

Year: 1981

Director: R. ‘Wild Bill’ Williams

Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw

Actors: John Holmes,Jamie Gillis,Ed Navarro,Blake Palmer,Steve York

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Another Classic blast from the past when women had real bushes and men had dicks the size of large cucumbers! From the days of yesteryear when porn first began, and housewives seeking a thrill flocked to the Valley to be in movies. These chosen few were the first true "no experience necessary" amateurs.


Honey Wilder – Asian classic porn

Honey Wilder - Asian classic porn

Name: Triple Xposure

Director: Jonathan Burroughs

Year: 1986

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 131 min

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Actress: Honey Wilder,Sharon Mitchell,Mai Lin,Nikki Charm,Summer Rose,Carol Titian

Actors: Joey Silvera,Paul Thomas,Billy Dee,Kevin James,Buck Adams,Scott Irish

Honey Wilder - Asian classic porn

Anything Goes (and Comes) with Rich Bitches in Heat! The lifestyles of the rich and infamous are unzipped and exposed in all their carnal cunning, as decadent socialites Kitty and George lead their friends through an erotic odyssey. The jaded jet sets diversions include seduction and larceny, perversion and forgery, orgies and fraud. Watch them match wits, rub tits, scheme and connive, shuck and jive, as they con each other into compromising positions. Nearly every position is tried by the kinky company in their obsessive pursuit of ultimate sensation, till even the French maid joins the frenzy. Who really did the valuable drawing? Which artist signed it? And more importantly, who is getting fucked?! Suzie Wang knows the answer: everybody.


Pictures of vintage porn – Part-Time Stewardess

Pictures of vintage porn – Part-Time Stewardess

Patricia Manning sex in “Triple Play”

Name: Triple Play

Duration: 86 min

Year: 1983

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Hal Freeman

Actors: Ron Jeremy,John Seeman,R.J. Reynolds,Ray Wells,Heinz Russo,Lee LeMay,Jeff Quinn,Rod Hunter

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Actress: Kristara Barrington,Dorothy LeMay,Bunny Bleu,Cris Cassidy,Patricia Manning,Jennifer West,Tina Louise,Liza Dwyer,Vicky Lovelace,Molly Seagrim,Kathy Robertson,Jane Allison

Ron Jeremy stars in this naughty opus as the editor of a magazine that’s devoted to the palpable pleasures of the threesome. Along with shapely secretary Kristara Barrington, Ron pours through a pile of letters from readers who want to share their own threeway experiences with the world. As Ron and Kristara read the mail, we get to watch the contents of the letter spill out in scene after scene of torrid triad trysting. The flick sizzles throughout, largely due to the awesome allure of its female cast. Some of the tastiest women in 80s hardcore lend their talents to this steamy sexvid, going all out to please. Perhaps the most delectable damsel on tap is Bunny Bleu, the all-natural original gal who sported the name. Bunny’s breathtaking curves and sweet good looks lend an overpowering eroticism to her scene, and her enthusiasm and energy keep things white-hot from start to finish. Jane Allison is another treat, a little-known lust bunny whose ardor for her work is only matched by her scrumptious good looks. In the end, Ron decides to experience a bit of what he’s been reading about, and the flick closes in feverish fashion with a blistering office party. This is one triple play where nobody gets tagged out!


Uta Erickson fucking in “The Ultimate Degenerate”

Name: The Ultimate Degenerate

Country: United States

Year: 1969

Director: Michael Findlay

Duration: 71 min

Language: English

Actors: Michael Findlay,Clint McCook,Earl Hindman

Actress: Uta Erickson,Janet Banzet,Kim Lewid,Donna Stone,Suzzan Landau,Rita Vance,Yolanda Cortez

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Maria is in the city, bored with her lover Tammy. An exhibitionist, she answers an ad in the "New York Review of Sex." She’s invited to a house in Vermont, owned by an eccentric named Spencer, a man who likes to watch. Maria goes, seeking thrills. She meets women who spend their days rehearsing for shows staged for Spencer. He has a concoction of aphrodisiacs, and the women are happy toplay – with each other, for the camera, in front of Spencer, and with Boris, Spencer’s assistant who runs the household. Maria throws herself into the games. Which person will prove to be the ultimate degenerate?


Fozzie free porn in “Virtual Reality Sixty Nine”

Name: Virtual Reality Sixty Nine

Year: 1995

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Jim Enright

Duration: 83 min

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Actors: Peter North,Alex Sanders,Steven St. Croix

Actress: Kristara Barrington,Rebecca Lord,Jenna Jameson,Nikki Tyler,Kirsty Waay,Christine Tyler,Fozzie

Jenna Jameson is a computer programmer who has been slaving furiously over her keyboard to develop a thoroughly boring and rather useless application. Inadvertently, however, she comes up with a recipe for full-sensory cyber sex. Terrific, right? Something the whole world is in need of? Well, yeah, but there are a couple of downsides too. First, now Jenna can’t drag herself or her horny friends away from the computer. And there are vague mumblings about there being ‘bad people’ out to get her now because of the invention. On the upside, the machine makes for scene after scene of staggering sex between the performers as they conjure into reality their innermost sexual fantasies. A gotta-see.


Retro sex pictures – Rainwoman 8

Retro sex pictures – Rainwoman 8

Vintage porn anal : “Ice Woman 1”

Name: Ice Woman 1

Duration: 78 min

Year: 1993

Language: English

Director: Michael Zen

Country: United States

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Actress: Ashlyn Gere,Deborah Wells,Lilli Xene,Krysti Lynn

Actors: Tom Byron,Steve Drake,Tony Tedeschi

The great, distant early-woman Kinga, is discovered frozen beneath the snow and brought back to life by a lonely doctor and his wicked assistant. As the Icewoman thaws, the doctor melts, much to the dismay of his assistant/girlfriend. Her icy demeanor and his smoldering passions bring Icewoman to a crescendo of conflicts and climaxes.


Vintage german porn videos : “Sex superlativ”

Name: Sex superlativ

Language: German

Duration: 87 min

Year: 1988


Country: Germany

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Actors: Joey Murphy,Rally van Kamp

Actress: Jill Morena,Marianne Sperber,Iris Von Braun