Debi Diamond : Free classic lesbian porn

Name: Nasty Girls 7

Country: United States

Year: 1994

Director: Buffy Malibu

Language: English

Duration: 140 min


Actress: Debi Diamond,Misty Rain,Tammi Ann,Tara Monroe,Jasmin Aloha,Brooke Waters,Jessie James,Kayla,Tisha,Sarah Lynn

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Debi Diamond : Free classic lesbian porn

Buffy brings you 2 hours and 20 minutes of dildo fucking, pussy slurping, and finger banging lesbian sex. Eleven luscious ladies spreading it all for you! First you get to meet the girls and find out what turns them on about other women. Then the hardcore XXX action begins! Enjoy the show!


Vintage german porn – “Sexschule fur liebestolle tochter”

Name: Sexschule fur liebestolle tochter

Country: Germany

Language: German


Year: 1979

Duration: 80 min


Categories: Vintage german porn, 1979, Germany, German, Herbert Warnke, Hermann Michala

Actors: Herbert Warnke,Hermann Michala

The film is about a day in the life of the Frisch family. The girl is late for school, and gets detention in the afternoon. There, she and a girlfriend seduce their teacher. Dad Frisch (played by Herbert Warnke) has a game of chess with a friend where the prize is a brunette. In the evening, Frisch and his wife (Juditha Arlou) go to a restaurant. While he is imagining various female guests in sexual activities, his wife is off to the kitchen for a quickie with the chef. The greater length of the French version is acounted for by it having more linking scenes, e.g. we see the girls during recess in the schoolyard, we see Mr Frisch walking to his friend, etc., and by the fact that the main scenes are longer, e.g. it gives a slightly better view of the headmistress.